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AIC4051, ZJ01-18-100, ZJ01-18-100A, ZJ0118100, ZJ0118100A

Ignition coil for Mazda

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JVC CD/Receiver with USB interface for Ipod/Iphone

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38800R06G01, 38810R06G01, 38800-R06-G01 38810-R06-G01, 447190-7503, DCP40004, 71-5602610

Air conditioning compressor for Honda

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5M0907391, 63126937223, 6224J2, 1376950, 6M2112K072AA, 5DV009000, 0008211061, A0008211061

HID ballast for Audi, BMW, Mercedes

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6453QL, 6453QN, 6453WN, 6453WP, 6453ZA, 6453ZC, 648734, 96519114, 96598758, 96712167, 96844324, 98008395, 9651911480, 9659875880, 9671216780, 9684432480, 9800839580

Air conditioning compressor for Citroen, Peugeot

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977012H200, 977012H202, 977012H240, 97701-2H200, 97701-2H202, 97701-2H240, 71-5803418

Air conditioning compressor for Hyundai, Kia

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Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery 12V, 7AH

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LED beacon with magnetic base

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Halogen bulb H15 12V;55/15W

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0330001015,  0330001041,  096030-0070,  146650-0720
Part NumberIGSS0004
OE Number0330001015, 0330001041, 096030‑0070, 146650‑0720

Bosch diesel engine stop valve


096030-0080,  096030-0170, 0330001016
Part NumberIGSS0001
OE Number096030‑0080, 096030‑0170, 0330001016

Denso diesel engine stop valve


Part NumberIGSS0003
OE Number7167‑620C

CAV / Lucas diesel engine stop valve


7180-49C,  7180-49D,  7185-900P
Part NumberIGSS0005
OE Number7180‑49C, 7180‑49D, 7185‑900P

CAV (Delphi) diesel solenoid stop (shut) engine valve


9009-041, 9009-073
Part NumberIGSS0002
OE Number9009‑041, 9009‑073

CAV diesel engine stop valve


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